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Get Started with Quickstart 2.0

Quickstart provides a great technical foundation for building websites for the University of Arizona that already have all the hard work of branding and accessibility built in.


Looking for Quickstart hosting?

Campus Web Services can provide hosted sandboxes to make it easy to explore Quickstart.
(Any other campus units that offer hosting, please submit a Pull Request to update this document.)

Installing Quickstart Locally

Quickstart 2.0 has built in tooling to make it easy to use with the Docker-based local development tools Lando and DDEV. The configuration for these will ensure that your environment will include compatible versions of PHP, Apache and MySQL as well as all other development dependencies.

See the Local Development steps in our Contributing document for how to set up Quickstart in a local development environment.

Using the Quickstart Scaffolding

Quickstart 2.0 uses a scaffolding to manage server setup before pulling in Quickstart itself. This includes server specific settings for Quickstart, such as installer paths and versions of PHP.

There is a default Quickstart Scaffolding that is used by Lando and DDEV for local development. This can be used as a template for setting up your own server environment.

Managing Quickstart with Composer

One big change from Drupal 7 to Drupal 8 (and 9) is the adoption of Composer for managing dependencies. Contrib modules are now treated similarly to other PHP packages and can now be included through a composer.json file. When Composer runs, it will pull in all of the correct versions of each dependency and install them in your project.

In order to use Composer, it will need to be installed on the server hosting your website, or on separate CI infrastructure. provides an in-depth guide to using Composer to manage Drupal projects.

Get Involved

A team of web-focused volunteers known as Arizona Digital meets weekly to build and test products like Arizona Bootstrap and UA Quickstart.

  • Request an invite to the Friday Arizona Digital meetings by subscribing to the UA Digital listserv
  • Join the Arizona Digital discussions on Slack
  • Submit pull requests on GitHub

Questions, bugs or suggestions can also be emailed to